Friday, December 3, 2010

3 sweet angels

amazing work by designer avril loreti 

today's post was supposed to tell you of 8 lucky winners in 3 great giveaways here this week on the blog. 

but if you don't mind... that will have to wait for a special saturday morning post.

instead, i thought i'd share with you a special tale of 3 lovely sweeties that came across our path today, some in unexpected ways.

isn't life wonderful like that?

morning angel
:: a technician at the children's hospital who inspired us with wit and wisdom and a perfect charm with wee ones, who delivered us happy news for a thankfully-not-serious medical update for little rikrak. how thankful we felt that there are whole hospital communities of wonderful folks that bring peace and hope in difficult days. so thankful for those souls.

amazing work by designer avril loreti 

afternoon angel
::  i've been a longtime fan of artisanal superstar avril loreti.  so imagine my delight  when she kindly sent us tickets to the amazing one of a kind show in toronto as a housewarming gift this autumn! such a delight to meet lovely avril in person, and to see her gorgeous gorgeous works on display and see the throngs of folks around her booth oohing and aahing at her amazing works!

i've been delighted to see avril's beautiful designs everywhere this season, and it's so deserved, sweetie. what a lovely soul and kindhearted artist you are. thanks for such a lovely afternoon! &  what a great show { i  LOVE my new avril loreti totebag! sooooo beautiful! }

evening angel
:: after such a great day with the whole family,  our car just wouldn't start. alas. but such a great thing happened: the kindest of towtruck drivers came to our rescue, drove the 4 of us home, and couldn't have been nicer. the surprise of a few hours on a friday night in the cab of a pickup truck with the whole family ended up being a drive filled with laughs and great music. funny how that happens.

in all the busyness of this season, of rushing and stressful times, isn't it great when everyday kindness shines bright?

gosh. i sure think so.
thanks to all of you nicies.
and here's to spreading kindness this weekend.

tune in tomorrow for lots and lots of lucky winners.

 amazing work by designer avril loreti 

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  1. It was so great finally getting to meet you in person and getting to meet the whole rikrak family! Have a fantastic holiday Krystal!!! xoxo

  2. I've met far too many nice mechanics in tow trucks over the years! Glad to hear your made it home safe.


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