Thursday, December 9, 2010

a collection with Polestar.


i just love seeing what folks are collecting. i guess i kind of feel it tells us just a little bit about what inspires them, what they love, and what they choose to surround themselves with in their home. today, i'm delighted to present the next in the rikrak studio's collections series:  quick questions with a wonderful artist on what they're collecting, (apart from their art supplies! ) you can also check out my new *the collectors* series on Etsy, based on these posts! hope you'll just love snow globes with Polestar.

is there anything more magical then the whimsical mini world of a snow globe, a bustling city quietly frozen for just a moment?

each teeny tiny scene a perfect microcosm imagining scenes around our globe peacefully covered in beautiful snow this Festive season.

thought you might love this charming International snow globe collection with jewelery artist Jennifer Cowgill of Polestar.


who (are you) : I am Jennifer Cowgill and I sell jewelry on Etsy as Polestar.

what (are you collecting) : I collect kitschy snow globes and travel memorabilia.

when (did you start) : I started collecting these types of things when I was very young, 7 or 8. My Dad was in the Air Force and he traveled all over the world. The most notable thing he brought back was a dead piranha from South America, toothy mouth agape and the whole thing shellacked and glued to a mounting board. Sadly, it is lost to time. My love for this type of trinket from around the world developed from those gifts from my Dad and morphed into snow globes because they are portable and easy to pack.

how (many do you have?): Right now I have about 50, but I've broken and lost just as many to evaporation over the years. Half of them are places I've been and the other half are places friends and family picked up a globe for me in their travels.

where (do you keep them) : Presently, they are on a display shelf in my office.

what (‘s a crazy/interesting story behind one) : Not so crazy but I love the Seattle globe where the couple is sitting in the "snow" with their coffee, rain slickers and umbrellas. I hear North Westerners don't use umbrellas though.

what(piece would you like to add): I would love a globe from the Middle East. I may be acquiring one from Israel soon.

which (one is your favourite) & why : I love the Space Shuttle globe. The Shuttle will be retiring soon, and the globe will be a representation of an exciting era for Space exploration.

what (else do you collect) : I collect vintage buttons and I have a handmade plush and amigurumi collection started.

wonderful! thanks so much,  jennifer.
just as magical as her collection is PoleStar’s sparkling shop: filled with enchanting jewellery perfect for any festive occasion. 

what Holiday goodies do you collect?  
let us know! we’d love to hear!

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  1. Thank you so much! It was so fun to share this collection and an honor to be featured by you!

  2. eldest would LOVE this collection!
    I collect memories over Christmases...lots of wonderful memories.
    Thanks SO much for passing by our blog was lovely to see you's been

  3. My work colleague collects snowdomes and she has hundreds. Her desk is great fun!!! x

  4. what a sweet bunch of tiny escapes!

  5. Hi there! So fun to read about this post. I collect snow globes too though mainly Christmas related. And I am moving to the Middle East although not Israel. Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan where I am living till Christmas.

  6. Love this collection!

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  7. this is just lovely, what a wonderfull snow globe collection. i just started making some myself again after a few years break...


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