Friday, December 10, 2010


happy fridays, nicies!
hope you're having a delighful & festive season!

congrats extended today to the lucky winner ... #85 .. dawn correspondence! { i'm such a fan ... i just love this beautiful shop - congrats nicey!} you just won a WONDER world o chocolate from nicole's handmade treats shop! ENJOY!

and hope you'll check out my latest Etsy article, up today, with Polestar & her GORGEOUS snowglobes! & leave us a cheer in the notes there if you can! thanks sweeties!

and last but not least,
don't forget to ENTER my december sponsors' giveaway... you choose the beautiful shop to spend your winnings in! yay!

see you monday, nicies!
happy festivitying!
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  1. You have a very fun blog. Happy jolly winter to you.

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