Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gifts of hope


hi wonderful ones. 
it's december 1st ... the beginning of a new month, something of a new season, and it's world AIDS day.

an especially good day to raise awareness & take action in helping toward answers to the AIDS/HIV pandemic.

i'm a firm believer that there are so many great, important causes we can support with our time, our monies and our energies. today's a great day to put those plans into action!

there are so many great things i think we can all do towards helping those touched by this epidemic. especially at this Holiday time of year. why not give the gift of hope & life as a Holiday gift this year?

two of my favourite calls to action are:

:: supporting UNICEF AIDS/HIV action plans such as the gifts of magic::


or visit the Stephen Lewis Foundation site and donate what you can to the  Grandmothers to Grandmothers project,

these are amazing organizations connecting the communities around the world, today and everyday. 

i'm a big believer that if we all do what we can, great change can happen.

here's to awareness, understanding, love & action.
hugs, friends.
love and wellness to you all.
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  1. We're with you, RR.
    We've donated to World Vision for many years now and I agree that there are no better gifts.


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