Tuesday, October 5, 2010

handmade weddings: the autumn 2010 edition

:: the woodland wedding :: 

 :: the brilliant hues wedding ::
OhForCute + AmyMayDesign


ah weddings!
you know what i love about a great wedding? when it's a fabulous, handcrafted, sincere, down-to-earth occasion reflecting the couple & those that surround them. 
i just love that.
i hope that our wedding was like that, once upon a time. {it's almost our autumny wedding anniversary - yay to that!}

with a few special touches
to highlight the important, endearing moments.
a gentle theme of colour or style or feeling or idea to the event.

here's to all of the folks that make weddings the genuine, loving, personal things i think they ought to be. and the handmaking artists behind that.

which style's your fave here?
what would be the theme for your wedding?
did you have one? 
would you? 
i'd love to hear, nicies!
yay love!

:: the beautiful fields wedding ::


:: the charming touches wedding ::


 ::  the dapper wedding ::
tinahdee + pompandplumage


:: the beauty blue wedding ::

:: the vintage lace wedding ::
thehoneycomb + hairbowswonderworld


:: the nostalgic charm wedding ::
 palomasnest + babybystevie

:: the sweet lavender + lilac wedding ::
LaLaShoes + pleasanthedges


:: the romantic literature wedding ::
Bagitarian  + whiteowl

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  1. They are all SOO beautiful -- makes me want to get married all over again :). My favorite is the "charming touches" one!

  2. Since my wedding is coming up next autumn, this is something I've been putting a bit of thought into lately. Out of these lovely themes (love all of your picks and categories!), mine will likely be something of a cross between the Fields and Woodland themes... With a bit of old-timey charm thrown in, since it will take place in an 1850s tavern. Thanks for giving me some ideas :)

  3. oh my gosh!! Gorgeousness! And so *much* of it!! Quite a lovely compilation of really beautiful pieces -- and collaged so beautifully as well. :) Off to click the links!! (woo hoo!)

  4. nope - no theme. i let Mandalay Bay do it all for me & kept it as simple as possible. home printed invites, polaroid guestbook, and the closet to a theme was my goodies bags filled with heart shaped things since we were married in february :)

  5. yay - thanks nicies for your kind words!

    and yay to your upcoming wedding, brittany! i know it'll be wonderful!

    sounds delightful, alex.
    that's my fave kinda theme: homemade with love! :)

  6. So many beautiful things!
    Thanks so much for including my Rococo Shawl :) It certainly has been a huge hit with brides :)

  7. the vintage lace & the dapper collections made me pause - very nice.. i've been thinking of weddings more & more lately. soon. i can't decide if i want a traditional wedding or not.. elegant but simple, with lace & lots of flowers. i'm leaning more & more towards winter now... late january or so.

  8. WOW so many beautiful themes! I can't decide...
    I think I'd like the woodland with a dash of vintage lace and a whisper of romantic literature...or is that being greedy :)

  9. I love the Dapper look. Our wedding was very classic - black and white with red accents. We tried to keep it very simple and classic so when we look back we can say "What a pretty dress!" and not "Oh god look at those bangs!" We did have a small theme of puzzles - you know, he's my missing piece, blah blah mushy. :) Our cake looked like a giant puzzle and it was AWESOME. And our placecards had puzzles as the background. But this was subtle so most people didn't notice. We did, though! :)

  10. Yep, yep, yep! Ours was autumn and movie - I know, quite the mashup. It came together well though - chocolate, sage, orange, lots of leaves, wicker and fun hearty flowers. We made everything but luckily we're both designers (I'm 2d, he's 3D) so it didn't look like it at all.

    My favorite element still is the movie poster that was our program - with all the participants names int eh credits. Took me an astronomical amount of time but we printed one full sized and it's hanging in our bedroom now!

  11. I'm planning our wedding for May 2011. Our wedding is somewhere between the "The Woodland Wedding" and "The Romantic Literature Wedding."
    We are using milk glass vases, doilies, handmade buntings, twinkle lights, baby's breath flowers, and handmade clover wreathes all in an old, rustic barn. I'm so very excited about our upcoming wedding!

  12. They're all gorgeous! I think my fave is a toss up between charming and nostalgic!

  13. Such fun themes! I didn't really have a theme... just lots of blues and lots of DIY! :) Maybe the DIY Blues?! *lol* That doesn't sound very wedding appropriate!

  14. Oh it's very hard to choose. Love all your collages! They're so beautiful. Made me want to get married again :)

  15. Beautiful blog!! Thank you so much for the kind mention of our necklace :)

  16. thanks for all of your kind words, nicies!

    and rj: i think your wedding sounds perfect! love your DIY style!

  17. Lovely post!
    Thank you so much for the include! It means a lot!
    All the best~



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