Monday, October 4, 2010

photo essay: rainy day fair


lovely monday to you, nicies!
hope you had a grand weekend. 

it's county fair fall season all around us here these days. a few photos for you from our recent excursion.

oh how i loved the saturated rainyday hues of it all!

my faves: little rikrak's first giant ferris-wheeling.
& the fiddling contest. brilliant. 
and you? 
have a fall fair fave?
have a cotton-candy-finger-lickin' good day, nicies.
 {all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak, 2010}

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  1. I love the fair and I LOVE your photos of it. Such great texture.

  2. These are beautiful images, RR. When I was younger (ahem...) nothing could beat Pogo Dogs at the Fair. We haven't been in years but thanks for taking me back.

  3. thanks, cuties. oh the textures of a fair are amazing, aren't they, EG?

    and moira: pogos! i used to be quite a fan, too! pretty much anything that needs mustard - i'm in! :)

  4. I want to go to the fair!!!
    I have been craving cotton candy now for weeks!! I love that clown and the ticket booth!!!
    Beautiful photos!!!
    Happy Monday!!

  5. I love the fair, too.

    Great pics.

  6. Super photos and fair :)

    This Sunday I was in brocante with my mom ;))

    And really we are in autumn !

  7. oh, i wanna go to the fair!!! :)
    great great photos, k!

  8. these pictures are so amazing! they're so gorgeous!

  9. Love this post - I am a sucker for a fair & I'm from the NW so I've experience a few in the rain. :) Beautiful pictures! Such great colors, textures, & images!

  10. I went to the fair this year! I enjoyed some of the rides and of course the corn dogs :) Your images are all so beautiful. It makes me want to go again!

  11. Your photographs are gorgeous!
    I've only ever been to fairs, we get traveling ones in the summer but you never know when they'll be around.

  12. I love these, RikRak! Especially the clown one!

  13. I love these, RikRak! Especially the clown one!

  14. awesome pics, rikrak. love that ferris wheel with the bruised sky in the background!

  15. I LOVE the clown garbage can. What a hoot!

    I miss the fair...where I am from it is in the fall and where I am at now, it is in the summer, which is already busy enough. Fall seems like the better time, when the weather is cooling off a bit.


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