Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the travelling photo album {book one}

love travelling?
me too.

not as much time/money/opportunity in your life these days for a jet-set travel itinerary?
fear not!

thought we could all use a little virtual trip around the world.
welcome to the first ever rikrak studio travelling photo album event.
hope we'll have more here in the future.

so here's how it'll work...
get out those trip photo albums - upload, scan,etc your funfun travel pics: from last summer, from the summer of '69, from that family roadtrip across the continent...  and away we go!

just add your link to the linky feature below and link us to photos from one of your trips.  from your blog. from your flickr, from your facebook, etc.

and we'll all enjoy a beautiful tour around the world!
for today's journey, i thought i'd post about one of my favourite places i've been to:

thailand {part one} 
phi phi island, phuket, kanchanaburi



okay - your turn! 
your our tour guide, nicey!

{and grab *the travelling photo album* button for your post or blog, too, if you'd like! world - here we come!} 

the rikrak studio
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  1. Such a hilarious idea!!!
    From where do you ahve these great ideas?

    Thanks for this around-the-world journey!

  2. yay! thanks for playing, cutie! your pics are amazing! wow!

  3. FUN! I`ll get mine together tonight. I was talking with my mom this weekend about needing to post some pics!!!!

  4. Awesome idea K, and I love your pics! Been to some islands in the vicinity, never to Phi Phi.. Cool shots!

    Thanks, x

  5. Such a nice idea again :)

    Super cool shots dear :))

    ahhhh I need vacation :))

  6. how are you!This was a really admirable Topics!
    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to search your topic in google
    Also I learn a lot in your website really thanks very much i will come every day

  7. thanks rikrak! I remember those nibbly fish in the erawan falls pools, and the islands, too. great pics, as always

  8. Wonderful idea! And so inspiring photos!

  9. What a fantastic idea!! Your blog is always so full of excitement.
    Your photos are absolutely amazing as well.

  10. I love this idea... I love travelling... and yes its true time and money is such a big factor. And seeing lovely photos from around the world feels like seeing other countries as well... I'll try to find time and participate on this one... thanks for sharing...


  11. oops being a travelagent and tooo enthousiastic about this idea I posted twice the same pictures !
    I am sorry !

  12. woohoo! thanks so much to everyone for playing! it's been a delight to travel around to your gorgeous photos - really really amazing pics, everyone.


    isn't travelling a wonderful thing indeed!

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience and the photos are captured nicely.EPSON Premium Glossy Photo Paper


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