Monday, October 11, 2010


autumn maple dreams by Kristybee


how thankful i am for great things today.
happy thanksgiving, nicies.

hope it's many-a-wonderful-thing-kinda-day for you, too, nicies.

we're off to the woods, delightfully full with great family + great food + great visiting all weekend!
yay to holidays. 
see you tomorrow. 

what are you feeling thankful for today? 
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  1. Beautiful photo!

    I feel thankful for finding the sweetest man, my BF. I know it is cheesy, but I never felt this before - so this is new for me :-).

  2. yay! so happy for you, vadjutka! what a lucky man to have you as his partner! yay love!

  3. Thankful that I wake up and have another day to be alive! Totally cheese-pop but, hey, it's true.

    PS: nice photo!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, K!

    I'm thankful for our family, too. For lots of pumpkin pie and a week's worth of leftovers!

    Easy to please with the thanks these days, aren't I?!?

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a fabulous holiday!

  6. thx for this inspiring post:) i have tons to be thankful for, esp. my health and my roomate/fiance:)

  7. i'm thankful for a lot of things ... including positive, cheerful people. and positive, cheerful blogs. : )


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