Monday, October 31, 2011

the *bought* halloween costume


last week little rikrak sat us down.
we could tell by his serious demeanor that this was important stuff.

"mom...." (he nods knowingly toward me)
"dad...." (he gestures to mr. rikrak)

(i'm beginning to sense he may have practiced the speech in the mirror a few times..)
 he draws in a BIG, deep breath.
"this year i want a *bought* halloween costume."
and so goes the funny tale of being a handmaking-obsessed mom.

parents, aunts, uncles, friends of wee ones ... you know how it is...  since the time little rikrak was born we've tried to make him fun homemade halloween costumes. he's been an array of cute painstakingly-sewn together outfits, and a mix of practically-stapled-together-at-the-last-minute-as-we-fly-out-the-door DIYers. and now... he's wanting to show his own personality by choosing a store-bought outfit. love it.

life's funny that way, huh?

well after oodles of far-too-gory hunts at the shops last week, we finally all agreed on a fun costume. he had the great idea to add a few creative, personalized touches (that-a-boy!) and the finished look is a fabulous one!

how do you feel when your little handmade-raised cuties long for store-bought goodness?
i'll confess - i think we all yearn for a little something *bought* sometimes. 
i know i do, as much as i adore handmade.
& i'm wisely reminded today:  *all things in moderation.*

{ ps: the mommy in me thinks it so sweet & adorable he was concerned how we'd take it! }
happy parenting,  halloween cuties!
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  1. aww that's sweet! This is the first year I didn't really make any of my kids' costumes - it was a bit heart-breaking for me. But the boys had their hearts set on piratey costumes they saw at the store, although they did allow me to make them little mustaches and beards. The girl had a veterinarian outfit all put together and I did sew a quick surgical mask for her to wear with it.
    Still, it's so fun to see their excitement when they get to wear what they really want. Even if it is a Lightning McQueen costume. . .

  2. I still remember my only store-bought costume in a long line of homemade ones. It was a plastic "dress" with plastic mask. And I loved it! *lol*

    So cute that he sat you down for a serious chat about it!

  3. oh i love it, jeanette. hugs. we'll start a club! :)

    of course, designed! thanks for your *support!* :) hope you and your little cutie have a great halloween!

  4. That's so funny! I *bought* a costume this year, too! I went as Glenda the good witch and added all kinds of things to the outfit I found! It's my best look yet.

  5. I did the same thing as a kid. My mom always made our costumes, just like the other moms of the kids we trick or treated with. One year, I wanted a store bought costume more than anything. I got the costume because it was something my mom couldn't make :) I remember not liking it as much as the night went on because all of my friends had homemade costumes that seemed better. The grass is always greener, eh?

  6. too funny... so what did the little guy end up choosing?

  7. very sweet!

    I was contemplating this coming-of-age event yesterday, while at my Niece and Nephew's Halloween parade- where EVERY costume was store bought- my mom and I couldn't believe it! She made our costumes for us every year- one year I was Marie Antoinette while my sister was Queen Elizabeth! And this was my daughter's first real Halloween and of course I made her a costume ( )

    And as I stood watching the parade I knew deep down that one day she will ask me for a store bought costume, sigh, lol. It warms my heart to hear that your son modified his costume! awesome, there is always room for store bought and the personal flare!


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