Friday, October 14, 2011

photo essay: the apple orchard

{all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011}


crisp autumny air &amp & we're loving  sunny, blue sky  afternoons at the apple orchard.
it's an educational wonderland to me.

what's your fave kind of apple?
i've gotta crush on a golden delicious these days.
have a sweet weekend, nicies.


{all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011} 

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  1. We have very old nameless apple trees scattered around our property. This season we picked a few from some of the different trees and sampled them all.
    It was neat to see the differences, some large, some are small, some are tart and some are sweet with almost pure white flesh and beautiful pink streaks running through them.

    I must say I do love a fresh, crisp Mac though!

  2. oh that's so fun, bstudio! the differences must be fascinating to see! happy mac-ing!

  3. Great photos, RR! My favorite apple has always been a Red Delcious. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

  4. thanks jenna.
    while not a red delicious girl myself - i sure do ADORE a good golden delicious! = brilliant!

  5. I'm with ya on the Golden Delicious! Can't get ENOUGH this time of year!

    New follower! Just us out!


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