Monday, October 24, 2011

fun handmade halloween costumes: the womens edition!

fabulous handmade halloween costumes


we all know kiddies seem to adore dressing up, but what about us fun adults?
do you like to dress up for halloween? 
i sure do. 

loving these fabulous handmade or DIY costume ideas. 

have you decided on your costume for this year? 
i'm still brainstorming!


fabulous handmade halloween costumes

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  1. That first dress IS HILARIOUS! I could never pull it off.

    Yes I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. In recent years I've been choosing something glamorous (not enough galas to dress up for otherwise!!!) But this year our whole family decided on a pirate theme. Looking forward to the family photos!!! LOL !;>

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  3. well, I'm a maskmaker, so of COURSE I dress up for halloween. A lot. Several times a year. Um, yeah. Last weekend I was the Wren King, this upcoming weekend? maybe a hummingbird. I think hummingbird will work...

    I love that newspaper get up, though. Particularly the collar. Genius!

  4. aren't they fabulous?

    so fun, lori!
    and i totally agree, kest. genius!

  5. I love the newspaper dress and the Princess Leila get-up. Well of course, my fav has to be the tutu! Thank you for the inclusion & fun selections :)


  6. wow these costumes are fantastic.I have seen some at Halloween.Mens Halloween Costumes


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