Wednesday, November 10, 2010

with thanks + congrats!

 amazing goodies made by some of my customers!
row one

row two

row three

i have a bunch of overdue thanks to send out today, nicies.
first off... 
thanks to all of you. all of you who kindly read the blog, leave fun comments, play along and inspire me with your wise ideas and encouragements! you're the best, nicies!

next... thanks to all of my kind kind rikrak customers! 
sometime earlier this week i hit 2500 etsy sales. 
thanks + thanks ever-so-much for that, nicies.
as a wee shout-out, i thought you might like a little peek at what some of my customers are making! see their beautiful goodies above! great customers AND great handmakers! YAY!


thirdly ... i'd like to say a BIG thanks to all of those nicies who feature my works so kindly in their beautiful treasuries on etsy! i very much appreciate you including my goodies! i think that is no doubt one of the most important/lucky things that has helped my business to grow to where it is today. i'm so thankful for that!

and a special shout out to those seen here above, who included me in treasuries that went to the front page on Etsy in the past 2 weeks or so. many thanks to:


next... a big thanks to all the lovelies who've been interviewing me /featuring my goodies on their blogs! i sure am a nervous interviewee! woowee!

(do i prefer heels or flats? & why? :) 

and a dear sweet interview on *everything etsy* here.
(see who and what inspires me!) 

thanks ever-so-much nicies!

and finally...
congratulations are in order! 

thanks to ... TWO winners! first... congrats to the winner of the peg & awl $35 gift certificate giveaway... 

# 123.. jennifer @ i art u! gosh - what a fabulous photographer you are nicey. love love love your site + blog! congrats


congrats to the winner of MY rikrak *win a set of 4 stockings giveaway*

yay! erika @ indie spotting is an AMAZING cheerleader for the handmade community! her resourceful, inspiring and engaging blog is a fabulous daily go-to for all things indie! congrats, nicey!

it was soooo fun reading what you nicies were loving from my etsy shop! thanks!

and kiddies ...fear not!  2 other fabulous giveaways/contests still on today on the blog... 
come ....


.. just come GUESS guess guess! {it's superfun!}

thanks ever-so-much, sweeties!
have a great day.
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  1. Dear " Wonderful woman " :))

    Big big bigggg congrats for everything !

    I know how you are working hard for all !

    Really so happy for your and for your customers :)They are lucky :)
    You too you found tehm , they found you !

    Take care
    Cheers from rainy paris :)


  2. Congrats on 2500 sales! That's fantastic and well earned.

    Thanks for featuring my pendant and for continuing to run such an awesome blog!


  3. omg i'm so excited!!! thank you so much!!!
    congrats on your 2500 so amazing!

  4. holy moly, congrats to you on reaching 2500!

    congrats to erika for winning the giveaway, too. =)

  5. Congratulations on getting to such an awesome milestone in your lovely shop!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm so excited! And congrats on all the sales - you deserve it! :)


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!