Thursday, November 18, 2010

my favourite things: tatting

tatting delights: in various media
{large image}  tatted snowflake | handcraftedbyellen | $4
{starting top right} set of 3 tatted ornaments | TattingsFinest | $10
flurry earrings | Krystledawne | $20
tatted flower flake | snappytatter | $16
abelina lace necklace | FoxAndClover | $48
lavender tatted earrings | knotTherapy | $10
tatted coin purse pendant |  agasunset | $35
personalized doily painting (your letters) | ottoman | $48


there are so many handicrafts & artforms i'd love to learn.
and tatting: that delicate art of lacey knots and loops: that's near the top of the list!

the intricacy amazes me.
and always has: ever since i marveled at those detailed mini masterpieces  my great aunts' worked away at. such patience required. good heavens!

i especially love tatting this time of year when it fills a home with lovely fragile snow.

so delicate and beautiful.
have an artform you'd love to learn?
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  1. I have a never ending list of things I want to learn! Those are beautiful pieces.

  2. These are beautiful!

    I could never do tatting. So much patience required!!!!!!

    I'd love to learn Bookbinding and Screenprinting next.

  3. I taught myself to tat a few years ago and realized I should stick to embroidery. I took me forever to do a 1 inch was beautiful and I have a lot of patience, but that tested me. I will be an admirer of others tatting talents!

  4. I would really like to learn more about felting- wet felting, nuno felting, etc!

  5. me too, angela! :)

    oh and yes yes yes to screenprinting for me, too, leslie!

    you have such a talent for needleworks, nicey waterrose! you amaze me!

    oh and you'd be great at wetfelting, off the hooks! here's to learning all these new talents, nicies!

  6. I love everything in their shop! it is so ornate!

  7. Actually, tatting is one on the list--I've collected shuttles and the threads, so have made two steps in the right direction!!

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  9. That is so pretty! I've never even heard of tatting!


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