Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what are you working on? custom stockings!

what are you working on today, nicies?

i'm snipping + cutting + sewing + decorating festive, fun rikrak Holiday stockings. the rush is on and it's a delightful array (disarray? :) of bright coloured eco-felt at every turn around our home these days!

i'm just taking custom colour stocking orders until next thursday, november 25th, OR until my schedule is filled for this season!

so if by any chance you're interested in a custom set, please let me know!
{ps: there's no extra cost for having me design a stocking or a set of stockings for you in JUST YOUR COLOURS! yay! i love tailoring stockings just for you!} 

so that's what i'm up to ... how about you?
what are you working on, nicies?

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  1. A HUGE stack of custom orders! :D
    Especially christmas hoop ornaments
    and some pouches...

    & have a wonderful day!
    pilli pilli

  2. So cute stockings!
    It is a pity we dont have such custom here - maybe in a few years.

    What am I working on? I just launced a completly new line, called the Swapflowers, here they are:

    You can change the pendant with the help of a snap closure :-)

  3. i'm going to be buying some of these! they're so cute! i love love love them!!

    allister bee fashion blog

  4. A huge blanket for a friend.

    I love style A with the ruffles. Too cute.

  5. oh pilli pilli: how LUCKY your customers are... i just love those hoop ornaments of yours!

    and vadjutka: so brilliant! love your new line!

    thanks so much, paislea!

    & melissa: how wonderful. that's a lucky friend you have :)

  6. I'm working on trying to get up from the computer!
    I have some owl tree toppers to work on...
    I love your pink trees....

  7. K, those are so unbelievably gorgeous! they really and truly are. I'm working on stock for an upcoming craft show....this Sunday! so excited!

  8. Today I'm drowning in a HUGE pile of chunky cream wool that has just arrived to make lots of my Meringue cowl.

    How fab to get a custom stocking made just for you! Have fun!

  9. you are a busy bee! i'm working on christmas cards and putting my new notecards on Etsy.

    Have fun!


  10. thanks so much, nicies!

    love all of these projects you're working on, wonderful ones! can't wait to see all of your creations!

  11. I was reading through my blogs the other day and saw the coolest stockings and thought to myself how I wished I could make some of those for Christmas. Today I realized, was YOUR shop that was so inspiring. Now I'm thinking I should just place an order and not bother with trying to make my Seriously! Just wanted to let you know how cute I thought they were.

  12. Such great stockings.

    I'm working on a bunch of knitted items for secret Santa gifts and presents for family and friends.


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