Wednesday, November 3, 2010


thanks to for choosing, we have a lucky winner for the burlap & blue $35 giveaway ... congrats today goes out to #211 ... two cheeky monkeys! such a fun shop filled with art & jewelry. be sure to visit!

and fear not! 
didn't win today's giveaway?
well there's happily plenty more where that came from!

:: enter to win the peg & awl $35 giveaway here :: 

woohoo to that!

well... i'm off to mr. rikrak's funfun book launch.
yay! so looking forward to seeing lots of fun friends and family!
hope you have a great day filled with both, too, nicies!
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  1. Thanks so much! I am really rather excited, he he. And thank you for showing off one of my art prints, much appreciated. :)


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