Wednesday, July 1, 2009

playlists: for canada day with darrin davis


i just love a great playlist. i think it stems back to those glorious mixed tapes days where i'd either make, sometimes receive and always always covet a fabulous collection of tunes by various great artists! *bliss!* ... so i've asked some wonderful artists if they'd make up a little playlist on a theme for this rikrak studio series. i thought we might get a glimpse into what musically inspires these fabulous folks... i'm thrilled to present the next in the series. today, on Canada Day, it's playlists: with my wonderful brother, darrin davis: my favourite songs by Canadians.


records- screenprinted flat notes by heatherjeany


dj: darrin davis
theme: my favourite songs by Canadians

Neil Young | Barstool Blues
Joni Mitchell | Case of You
Leonard Cohen | Diamonds in The Mine
Oscar Peterson | Canadiana Suite
Hank Snow | I’ve been Everywhere
The Band | Ophelia
The Foggy Hogtown Boys | Stomp of Approval
The Be Good Tanyas | The Littlest Birds
Mr. Something Something | Bike Power!
Brian Macmillan | Another Day
The Donefors | In A Cornfield
The Good Lovelies | Lie Down
Julian Fauth | Flying Crow
Carly and Mark | Where You Live

Other Great Canadian Artists I’ve been listening to this month:
Cindy Doire
Pamela Brennan
The Parkas
Lake of Stew
Jay Clark and the Jones
Diana Catherine
Sarah Burton


Darrin writes: " I feel very blessed to have been brought up in a country so steeped in great music. Many of my favourite musicians are Canadians, and CBC radio is such a supportive place fostering so many strong talents. Having just recently toured the country for the 1st time, I can truly say that Canadian music lovers are an enthusiastic, loving bunch. (regardless of what Mr. Billy Bob Thorton may ramble on about.) And let’s not forget that the genre we now acquiesce to calling ‘Americana’ was actually created by 4 Canadian boys and their American drummer; a group called The Band. There’s an old wood and steel track running straight through from Hank Snow, to Joni Mitchell, to Oscar Peterson, to Mr. Something Something that connects this beautiful, diverse land with powerful stories, brilliant technical proficiency and funky, danceable rhythms. Happy Canada Day!"


the strip performing live!

thanks so much, nicey!
i just love love love your canadiana playlist!

folks.. i've gotta tell you...
i just adore that wonderful brother of mine!

not only does that darrin davis has a fabulous ear for great music, (and has pretty much introduced me to at least 1/2 of the wonderful music i've come to love! otherwise i'd just be dancing away to my good old 80's tunes day & night!) ... but he's an amazing musician as well.

i've had the delightful pleasure of seeing his fabulous talent grow from first mastering the sax & guitar @ a very young age, to being such a proud sister as he shines with various bands. he just wows folks with his versatile array of instrumental prowess on a remarkable number of instruments, his fabulous voice, & his amazing songwriting!

darrin's fabulous album
(featuring some of his wonderful artwork, too! woohoo)

i'm so fortunate to have such a fabulous, talented, considerate, friendly, hilarious, handmaking-loving, great-encourager-of-a-brother & dearest friend in him! if you ever have the chance to meet darrin, you're a lucky lucky soul... he's fantastic!.. guaranteed! so torontonians: check here for upcoming show dates & go see him play! it's a great show!

his band, the strip, released their wonderful album last winter, & you can buy it here on indiepool. "fusing jazz, alt-country, folk and rock", it's a glorious listen & zoomed right to the top of the indie music charts! woohoo! so be sure to visit his band's myspace, too, for lots of fun listening! yay handmade music!

so yay to great brothers!
isn't handmade (& canadian!) music grand!
& happy canada day, lovelies.
hope it's filled with fabulous tunes!

::: lovelies: who are your favourite canadian musicians?
tell us! i'll try to include as many as i can in the follow up post! ::

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  1. I love Canadian music.

    If I must narrow down to a fave, I'm going to choose 2 - Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea.

  2. Oh I LIKE your brother's playlist! I love Oscar Peterson. Great choices!

    My favourite Canadian musicians are Feist (these days!) and Glass Tiger when I was a crazy tennager.


  3. This is such a fun post! Yay Canadian music! I also love it because heatherjeany made my wedding invitations, and I went to school with one of the guys in The Parkas!

  4. everything Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and my girl crush Feist!! Great list, I had to cut the artists off of my favourite Canadian things list - so I'm glad I got to put my two cents in here ;) b

  5. I have so many faves: Leonard Cohen, Diana Krall, Sarah Harmer are at the TOP!
    Great playlist by your talented brother, RR!

    GO Canada!

  6. am I going to be the first one to list Rush as my fave Canadian band? I've seen them twice with my Rush-loving husband & those guys can really put on a great show!

  7. Bruce Cockburn is my all-time fave canadian musician- his mastery of guitar (if you ever hear him play solo, you'll think there are 2 guitars playing!) along with his poetic, socially-conscious lyrics (combined with a great knack for storytelling), is just the perfect combination for me!
    He is such a wonderful human being!

    I also got a chance to see Neil Young play earlier this spring, and honest-to-goodness, it was the best darned concert i've ever been to. That man is what- sixty something, and he can still rock like it was 1977!!! So glad I had the chance to see such a great canadian legend.

    oh, and great playlist from your bro- good taste!

  8. I love your brother's playlist! Great choices!

    I'm a real Jim Cuddy & Blue Rodeo fan myself! And I adore adore ADORE Kathleen Edwards.

    Happy Canada Day, RR and family!

  9. So much talent in one family... great feature & playlist!

    Great to see Lake of Stew — they're a gem I recently discovered too. And my staples: Joel Plaskett, Chad VanGaalen, The New Pornographers, Justin Rutledge, Elliott Brood, and I could go on and on... (as you know ;)

    Hurrah for terrific siblings!


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