Monday, July 27, 2009

edible flower delights!

raspberry & rose petal punch via cookiemagazine


gosh. i just adore pretty flowers.
and pretty, edible flowers, used in lovely recipes? heaven!

i think back to attending beautiful summertime wedding showers or fancy parties as a little girl and being mesmerized by pretty flowers floating daintily in the pretty punch bowl! but now i know that gorgeous edible flowers needn't be reserved for special occasions only!

we have a dear neighbour that has crafted an entirely edible & gorgeous flower garden, and i just adore it! yay to edible beauties from the garden!

1st - check out this great article on about edible flowers in general!

2nd - visit this superhelpful chart on describing safe & unsafe flowers to eat, as well as various tastes you might expect in your flower garden!

3rd - start safely exploring delightful, organic edible flowers in your recipes!

4th- check out this easy candied flower tutorial on then add your candied flowers to anything and everything! what a pick-me-up!

how about this gorgeous honey-lavender ice-cream recipe on


isn't this the most beautiful salad ever? filled with nasturtiums! via Sancho Papa's photostream!

and how about
this baby greens with roasted beets & nasturtium blossoms salad recipe.


and aren't these tiny tiered cakes with
fresh pansies adorable for any special occasion

so lovely!

i'd love to hear if you use fresh, edible flowers in any of your recipes!
please feel free to share!
yay to the loveliness of edible flowers!

{ note: please be careful to check out & research flowers to ensure their edible-safeness before eating! there are so many great sites & books to help us out.}

and just two more days to enter the rikrak & theme fragrance giveaway! find it here!
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  1. my mom used to make a rose jam with all the roses from our back yard. i should get the recipe - yum

  2. OH i just love the idea of edible flowers in things! Thanks for your great ideas.

  3. that sounds so yummy, alex!
    and thanks yarn & monique!

  4. i love decorations with little flowers

    the pansies are my favorite

  5. Delicious recipes!

  6. Wow! All that looks beautiful and yummy! I love ric rac so that's why I clicked over. The title caught my eye! Love your blog!

  7. Yum! I don't have any particular recipe, but we planted nastursiums this year and oh, so good on salads!


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