Friday, July 31, 2009

just a little bit sad... part 2...

alas... you might recall, a few months ago, all of us talking here about the sad little sadness of when we're about to use that very last piece of a certain kind of fabric.

the lament!
that feeling of a little bit of a loss.
of missing that beloved fabric.

well.. it's that time again.. time to say goodbye, in my crazy vintage fabric-obsessed world, to a couple more faves.

seen here... a sad sad goodbye to this beautiful moss green with white print as seen above....


and this sweet & dainty children's doggie print... *sigh*

and this lovely daisy floral... sadly, goodbye!

goodbye lovelies!

and then there is the last of the limited editions. here's my last 2 sets of these beautiful mod blue coasters! on sale now in my shop.... ( i LOVE that print!)

and i've made up the last 2 wallets from this fabric,
one of which is for sale now in my shop:

so, as always, i've saved the last last little piece of each as a textile souvenir for myself.
but i sure will miss these lovelies once they're all gone.
{sometimes, as luck would have it, they reappear again down the road as i gather more vintage fabrics... i'll keep my fingers crossed!}

are you fabric crazy like me?
do you cherish your arts & crafts materials in such a wonderfully obsessed way?
i'd love to hear!

have a lovely weekend, nicies! happy art supplies cherishing!
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  1. i know what you mean... since i've been using more pre-loved yarns in my work, i do get a little bit sad when a stash runs out!
    good idea to keep a little bit as a souvenier, i might have to start doing that!

  2. Oh yes...I am like you but about art materials...I recently found out that my Winsor & Newton outdoor portable watercolours are being discontinued...SO upset.
    We're off to a cottage for a week...and taking my watercolours...I may run out of a couple of colours which is a little upsetting...
    Take care.

  3. I'm a beader. And when I am about to run out of a particular bead, I save the rest, and I say to myself,

    "Self, these one are for you. Make yourself something special".

    I have yet to actually make myself something out of "lasts".

  4. I feel the same way about my paper! I always buy an extra piece just so that I'll never completely run out. It's so silly really, what am I going to do with a bunch of paper that I don't want to use? Just look at it? And yet I can not part with it. I feel your pain!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I feel the same way about my gemstones. Many times I'll squirrel some away just for myself.

  6. thanks for the empathies, lovelies!

  7. What a great idea, k, to save a small piece for yourself. Will you make a quilt? One of my special pieces of vintage wool tartan was just used for this wee bunny:
    Last wee bit. It was a beloved blazer that fell apart and then was upcycled into a bunch of sweet things.

  8. By the way I love reading your blog & hello :)
    I totally relate to your feelings but that, however at the same time isn't it nice to know others loved it as much as you did? The other plus is using something new!

  9. OMG...I totally feel your pain. I work a lot in batiks and many of my favorites get is so heart breaking. I know those lovely patterns will be missed. :(

  10. I have a hard time even starting to use great vintage fabrics I find. I can't seem to make that first cut, because I worry that the thing I make might not be "worthy" of such rare and special fabric.

    Gorgeous vintage fabric gives me performance anxiety. It's nuts!

  11. oh thanks for your support, nicies! :) i love hearing your own treasured supplies laments!

  12. oh yes, I am a fabric addict too, especially vintage and japanese fabrics!! I just can't resist them,I have piles of them laying there waiting to be used, sigh, I wish I could sew...

  13. there are few pieces of vintage fabric i have laying around that i don't want to use because it's the last of its kind. i usually end up telling myself to use it just because i know something else will pop up down the road that's just as amazing.

  14. I so agree! Oh, how I love my fabric. I feel sad when I sell my little felted sweater critters because they each have their own cute quirkiness.

  15. I am the same way - I cherish little amazing vintage pieces and try to make them go as far as possible, making tiny fabric covered buttons from the last scraps, etc.
    But worse still, I have a big soft spot for vintage thread on wooden spools. I have an old mason jar full of them and some bigger spools sitting in a little red cabinet with glass doors and I will never use them. The colors are so pretty and they look so nice as a display piece, how could I?!

  16. You know, it may be sad to use the last of your wonderful fabric, who likely have become like friends, but at least they live on in the lovely pieces you make! They are now utilitarian AND beautiful! New life!

  17. thanks for your support, sweeties! :) glad to hear i'm not alone!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!