Monday, January 21, 2013

white space

welcome back wondersouls.

hope your time since we last met has been filled with wonderful community, great sharing & fresh new goodness. i'm so thankful mine has.

well we're already almost one month into our brand new year, and i wonder .... how are you doing? 

after the promise the calendar brings of open-ended possibility each year - sometimes around mid-january i begin to feel the weight of not having left myself enough good, open, *white space* in life. 

you know white space - the part of the page we choose to leave blank and unmarked:  those necessary, intentional, quiet, blank breathing spaces we all need to make room for in our daily lives? somehow i've filled up my pages again this year. alas. 

so i ask: 


the good news is: (at least for me) 
it's not too late, sweeties.
we can still choose to put that healthful space in our lives each day. here's to that. 

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