Thursday, December 13, 2012

fun & creative handmade family traditions: the gingerbread village

the gingerbread empire state building by the family rikrak! 

thought you might like a peek at the fun gingerbread *empire state building* tower our family built for our local library's annual gingerbread village! it was so much fun watching little rikrak happily decorate to his heart's delight with yummy candies & finger licking scrumptious icing. 

inspired by our family trip to NYC this summer, more goodies ended up in us then on the tower! but that's 1/2 the fun! we all had a great time making it.

and check out his fab king kong, too! this is the 1st year we've built a cookie building from scratch and i hope gingerbread architecture will be a fun new family tradition in our home for years to come!

what's a fun tradition you look forward to each year during the Holidays?

hugs nicies!
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  1. That's really wonderful! My eldest really wants to build a gingerbread house this year. Maybe it's time that I learned how.


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