Wednesday, November 14, 2012

what are you working on? = custom Christmas stockings

it's almost impossible to believe that we're at that point in the year when i set my cut-off ordering dates for custom stockings! how can it be mid-november?!

i'm here sewing sewing sewing up lots of superfun custom stocking orders. i LOVE seeing the fabulous colour-combos folks come up with for their fabulous Holidaying decor!

and just in case you're interested in a custom colour-palette designed set of stockings made just for you for your lovely home,or perhaps you'd like your stocking personalized with a name or date? ---> super! i'm just taking custom orders for a few more days: just until monday, november 19th! {after that i'll be selling only the rest of my in-stock stockings)

so please contact me if you're interested ... i'm sorry to have to turn custom requests away after that point!

and it's super easy! just
1. take a look at my style charts and choose the stocking style(s) you'd like. (or i'm happy to create CUSTOM designs, too!)
2. choose your custom colour palette
3. contact me on etsy and i'll do you up a custom listing!
4. sit back and relax and i'll handcraft just them for you!

 check out some of the fun custom stockings i've been crafting for folks this season!

 all images handmade by me, kristal davis / rikrak

and how about you... 
what are you working on these days, cuties?

happy making!

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