Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the 2012 handmade co-operative community gift guides { week 3 }

yay it's holiday time!
and no better time for *sharing!*
welcome to the 3rd annual handmade community co-operative gift guides: today is the 3rd of 6 weeks where YOU show the world your gorgeous creations + handmade works of others that you LOVE!
each wednesday leading up to the HOLIDAYS, i'll be inviting folks to be part of the fun!
today there are 3 different categories you can add your goodies in!
let's see what we can make!

show us your best!
+ the works of others you admire.

:: check out the first 6 gift guides here ::
gift guide { one } :: holiday decor
gift guide { two } :: jewelry lovers
gift guide { three } :: holiday cards
gift guide { four } :: animal lovers
gift guide { five } :: nature lovers
gift guide { six } ::  the minimalist


1. please add one item of your own, and one of another's, in as many of the categories as you'd like!

2. invite your friends! 

3. please share the 2012 handmade community Holiday gift guide button on your sites.
the rikrak studio
4. COME BACK every wednesday for more communal Holiday fun!

yay to handmaking and co-operative community building!
{& hope it's great publicity for you too, nicies! } 

 holiday gift guide 7
{ good for the soul }


holiday gift guide 8
{ gifts for the kitchen } 


holiday gift guide 9
{ personalized gifts }
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  1. this is such fun! I love every pick so far :-)

  2. This a wonderful way to build community in a fun & interactive way! Thank you so much for this great idea - looking forward to spreading the word!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!