Monday, June 18, 2012

greatest hits & a giveaway with TIMO handmade


can i tell you a secret?
i'm absolutely OBSESSED with and ADORE the amazing handiwork of textile artist timor cohen.

the bright, beautiful colours & patterns.
the artistically brilliant stitch illustrations.
the magical way timor weaves wit & whimsy into the fantastic one of a kind soft art sculptures: birds, rabbits, mice and more!

fresh off a GOLD medal victory at the 2012 handmade olympics, i'll confess ... timor's family dolls are my absolute fave. could anything make a more amazing personalized gift then those perfect nicies? love them!

 TIMO handmade

read on to WIN a $40 gift certificate for a shopping spree in the TIMO handmade shop and to learn more about what inspires this fabulous artist! woohoo!

what inspires you artistically & creatively? what would those inspirations look like visually? in this fun series, (please see the others here) ... i’ve invited some wonderful artists to share with us 4 images of inspiration in their artistic life, something of an interview in images! the guidelines were basically this: choose 4 visuals (something like your creative-stimuli *greatest hits!*) that you feel most inspires & expresses your art or craft today. for some, it might be a person, place or thing; a material; a pattern; a colour; a sound or song, etc. it might be a photograph, a drawing, a scan, etc. i’ve tried to leave it a bit open-ended so that we might better glimpse into these artists' motivations and their amazing, raw talent! today i’m delighted to present the next in the series : greatest hits with TIMO handmade (and a giveaway, too!) 


4 photos that inspire the artist!
(all images courtesy of the artist, Timor Cohen)

timor writes: "I get inspiration from- Things that appear on the street because the street filled \ very rich with a lot of stimulation for the senses"


"I get inspiration from -  Things that happen on the painting plate And colors in general. Because they create exciting and surprising relationships." 


I get inspiration from - Many different types of books -Because they are an excellent alternative to reality :)

And there's lots of more reasons (it is difficult to count them all ) -

Books -allow time travel, meet wisdom, fall in love, be moved, learning, .... and it all happens quietly


"I get inspiration from - Materials- There are many things that stimulate inspiration in general, but for me The main inspiration comes from work itself and When I am  willing to be seriously playful with my materials."

& as inspiring things to listen to...
"You will find below a links to lectures very inspiring (I listen to them while I sew)
dharma seed- my  recommendation For those interested to start with   
Jack Kornfield  talks 
or the ocean of lectures at TED"

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thanks so much, TIMO handmade!

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  1. I love "Toby" by Ron Burns. It is so sweet and colorful!! It always inspires me when I see it!

  2. Photos of landscapes, especially mountains.

  3. A photo of my smiling family inspires me!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  4. architecture and the way photos highlight the specifics of it inspire me

  5. My handmade inspiration board inspires me :) there are pictures of my friends, travelling pictures and magazine cut outs on it!

  6. My kitties inspire me!

  7. the image of my sleeping baby on my desktop inspires me!

  8. I love searching for 'teal' on Flickr / Pinterest whenever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps. Soon enough I'm smiling at something fun - like a painted piano :)

    marilize (dot) paulsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. A child waiting for a friend at the windows.

  10. Audra Weathers19 June, 2012 10:20

    I get inspired by vintage Christmas items. Sparkles and rust and glitter over metal all seem to work.

  11. I have troves of image inspiration, thanks to Flickr and Pinterest! Anytime I need a pick me up, I'll scroll through my boards or favorites and the sheer volume of color always grabs me.

  12. The Chinese garden at my local Botanical Gardens is so inspiring - so peaceful and serene and beautiful!

  13. The plants right here in my enclosed patio are quite inspiring
    Thanks for the fun giveaway! I LOVE the art dolls

    lunrei at yahoo dot com

  14. Photos of awesome treasures found at antique stores and flea markets inspire me.

  15. photos of brick roads and flowers

  16. I am inspired by nature and by my children

  17. It s a pity that giveaway is already closed. etsygiveaways stated that it will run untill June 26th. I hoped that I have enough time to enter..:(((

    1. hi l'ubasa. not sure what happened but the contest machine closed early by mistake. i've reopened it! so sorry! & good luck!

  18. I am inspired by travelling and seeing landscapes, doesnt matter which kind of - it can be plain or mountain, deep forest or endless sea surface. Our eyes get a lot of stimulus. It can be also beauty of old architecture as well as features of modern city design. I love variability of creatures, colority of birds feathers, design of leaves veins, smell of flowers

  19. I am inspired by lots of things, but wonders of nature never cease to amaze me.
    Those little kicks and flutters in your belly when you're pregnant, like I am right now, and the ever changing sky...Not to mention the rain and the smell after. Rainbows too! Oh there are too many!

  20. I am ispired by the image of an ever flowing ever changing river

  21. Book are what inspire me. Not necessarily what they say, but just the way a pile of books looks. My bookcase at home has been my inspiration plenty of times.

  22. There is one of Timor's inspirations that I share - color. Seeing paint and brush strokes inspires me. I also love seeing other people's artwork. Nothing makes me want to create more than other people's creations!

  23. i am inspired by the simplicity of children's art. I am inspired by water and vintage fabrics.
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  24. I am inspired and crazy about PRETTY things. I'm in a house full of boys and seeing pretties makes me want to hole up in my sewing room and just MAKE.

  25. i get my inspiration my "Materials" I mean there r soooooooo many things on our mind that we want do do, wish we could do, think we could do etc but in order to secceed we reallyyy need to focus on one thing

  26. Please if i win pleaseee contact me on my email id:


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
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