Monday, June 25, 2012

proud mommying moments: handmaking, perfectionism & the pioneer farm

pioneer farm project handmade by little rikrak / images by me : kristal davis / rikrak


confession time:
now don't tell anyone, but i can be a super-over-bearing perfectionist-seeker of a mommy! 
i know, you're probably not shocked, right sweeties? :) 

we all want the best for the children in our lives. 
i do too.
but sometimes i'm a meddling mommy
i want to involve myself in every step of every project to make sure it's as perfect as perfect can be. 
i'll admit: that's not always helpful. :)

so here's a proud mommying moment (and handmaking life lesson) i wanted to share with you all...


so little rikrak had a fun school project last month: the pioneer farm.

  • first there was lots of adorable research. (think supercute little-one handwriting!)
  • then trips to various hands-on sites. (feeding cows, visiting pioneer barns, touching great great great great grandfather-made tools. splendid!)
  • then an essay rough copy. edit. & good copy.
  • then practicing a fun interactive presentation.
  • then building a beautiful model.

through all of it... i wanted to get my mommying 2-cents worth in. but the best lesson of all for me? as tough as it might be, let your little ONE shine! 

if you've ever been privy to a child working on a project, i think we can all agree... it's VERY tempting to try and lend a hand (or lend many hands!) , especially as obstacles arise.

but i had personally decided to be the most hands-off, support from the side kinda helper i could be for this project. i could see the excitement in little rikrak's eyes as he brainstormed fabulous idea after fabulous idea, many of which i couldn't have thought of. 
we all have our own fabulous perspectives, don't we?!

needless to say i'm over the moon proud of little rikrak's hard work and creative figurings on his latest life project.

and just look at this wonderful DIY model!
the cute handcut bales of hay.
the fun pipe cleaner oxen yoke.
the handmade, not factory-made or mommy-made wonderfully child-drawn marker lines on the barn roof.
he MADE that. 
what joy there is in that sentiment, for each of us!
many a time i wanted to get in there and "fix" or "alter" or "adjust" something. 

BUT i KNOW there is great learning, and beauty, in the handmade. "imperfections" and all.
it's a value our family shares deeply.
sometimes my quest for perfection as a mommy invades that ethic.
i struggle with it.

i know some day we'll have to dismantle this fabulous model (unless we can build a *museum for everything little rikrak has handmade* 3rd floor addition to our home! mr.rikrak?)

but for now i just look at it all day on my desk and smile.
and best of all: the pride on his face for a project he handmade. that's a wonderful thing, indeed!

isn't it magical when little ones work hard, overcome challenges and see a project thru with vim & vigour.

well done, sweetie pie. i'm so proud of you.
(and don't you love the open-up barn roof and removable hay loft? makes for hours of fun playing, let me tell you!)

did i tell you how i FORCED us to watch little house on the prairie episodes as bonus *research?* LOVE IT!

tell us something you're proud of in your little ones' lives.

how do you step back and let the little ones in YOUR life shine?

yay to handmade families.


pioneer farm project handmade by little rikrak / images by me : kristal davis / rikrak

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  1. Maria Restoule25 June, 2012 11:54

    We need work on this at our house. My partner is good at "guide at the side" but I'm terribly invasive!!!! LOL!

    I find literally stepping back helps me gains the perspective needed. ;>


    1. ah thanks for your support, sweetie! :)
      great idea about *stepping back!*

      i'll try it next time for sure! :)

  2. I have a 2 year old and have to check myself *all the time* to stop myself from meddling and helping him when he is doing just fine figuring something out on his own! It's about giving him the time to do that.

    I hate to see him get frustrated, so it's hard to stay back sometimes. Luckily he can now talk quite well and says, "mummy no help" and "M do it by himself" if I overstep the mark!

    1. so true, suki. he's lucky to have your lovely attention! :)

  3. bravo, you, it looks absolutely fabulous, I bet he was so so thrilled and proud!!! yay for the Rikrak family and new learning and exploring! we need to remember, as adults, that it`s ok to explore, with no need for perfection. a great reminder, thanks lady!


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