Monday, January 30, 2012

road trip

her little red suitcase photograph by sugarlily

back from a wonderful little road trip to ottawa, nicies.
traveled with a dear friend.
to see some dear friends.

so good to be back visiting our old hometown.
i'm a lucky girl indeed.

i so love a great road trip.
the fun visits.
the great music.
the adventure of stops along the way.
the yummy road-trip treats that inevitably make their way into us en route!

and best of all: exploring places and friendships; catching up and learning more.

been on any good road trips lately, sweeties?
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  1. I go with my youngest daughter to visit my mom and her older sister twice a year. We drive from New Jersey to Louisville Ky. She's always afraid to stop at quirky places for gas and food, so we don't see many cool things, but I've driven from Louisvile to southern Tennessee and made some stops in odd places. I love road trips. Glad you had a good trip!

  2. My sister and I roadtrip together twice a year to visit our Grandfather in Pennsylvania. It's a 6 hour drive and we both look forward to them very much. That uninterrupted time in the car that's so special and precious to us. Seems like the only time we both agree to turn off our gadgets!!

    Glad your trip was good!!

  3. oh these are wonderful tales, kathy & denise! (i love the overlaps in your stories, sweeties!)

    so good to have gadget-free time, isn't it, denise!

    thanks - yes - it was great!


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