Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my favourite things: great postage stamps : industrial design

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there's something so romantic about it.
a well-designed postage stamp.
wee little artworks to brighten any piece of mail.

my affection lies not in a philatelic way. 
but in a *swoon over great little designs* sorta way!

sure. their charm may be fleeting. added to a letter or package, their adventure into the world may last only 2 days to say a week.
but i think a gorgeous stamp makes a great first impression. it's the icing on the cake. who's with me?

as small business owners, we spend lots of time at the post office, don't we cuties!? i know it's seen it's heydey and all, but i still ADORE great stamps! i'm still giddy with delight when i see upcoming issues of well-designed stamps (such is not always the case - like any artform, there sure are lots i'm not a fan of!) and countdown the days til i can happily adorn my mail with new releases and send them around the world! 

i feel they add great charm to any letter, packet or box. professionally & personally.

my very faves are always iconic graphic design classics.
here are some i love from the industrial design field: paying due homage to great designers!

do you love stamps - for their passing fancy of a week on an envelope?
or maybe as a collectible?

written any fun paper letters lately?


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  1. Lovely stamps! I do appreciate a well-designed stamp. :)


  2. I love stamps, too! I have a weakness for flower ones - I was obsessed with finding the perfect ones for our Wedding invitations!!

  3. me too, mandy! thanks

    i love the flowery ones, too, moira! i did exactly the same! (we went with tulip ones for ours.)

  4. I love stamps! When they're done well, they are perfect little examples of skillful graphic design. Whenever I travel I try to pick up a few, and I always buy the ones with architecture or industrial design if there are any. :)


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