Monday, October 29, 2012

a gorgeous giveaway with artist darrin davis of crazy uncle art studios!


have i got a treat for you today, nicies!
it's with great pleasure that i celebrate the launch of a wonderful new handmade fine art shop that's very near and dear to my heart.  hip hip hurray! & three cheers for one of my favourite folks in the whole wide world, my fabulous & talented brother, darrin davis, and the opening of his boutique Crazy Uncle Art Studios.

darrin says it best: "Crazy Uncle Art Studios "Balances Fine-Art Snobbery & Greasy Kids Stuff!"  - i create handmade art from the heart, ranging from vibrant, engaging fine-art Nursery Paintings and Prints for the kiddies to dramatic, breath-taking Black and White nature photography for the non-diapered! :)  This shop is like a favourite family diner for the eyes, providing nourishing treats to young and old, with the added bonus of a 100% no-heartburn guarantee!"

indeed, this shop is a veritable wonderland of fabulous gifts for everyone on your Holiday list!  

  • how about an adorable personalized animal painting on canvas for your favourite little ones?  
  • or a giclee print from his evocative "men wearing hats, crying" series for a favourite art-loving friend?  
  • or ordering a few sets of his ever-expanding & mesmerizing "wanderlust" nature photograph notecards as the perfect everyone-will-love-them gift for co-worker gift exchanges, teachers, neighbours and more this gift-giving season!

on a personal note: darrin is the gosh-darn best brother around. his amazing talent in so many creative spheres always inspires me - among his many talents he's also a brilliant musician - isn't almost home so lovely? and remember his fabulous canadian playlist here?  

and... he's a true nicey! he's the most hilariously fun & funny person in the world and i love how you can sense his fabulous being in every piece of art he crafts from his amazing eye for colour-play to his captivatingly rich photography. love you, brother!

so be sure to visit darrin around the web, and read on to
a $50 gift card to crazy uncle art studios! woohoo!

darrin davis
crazy uncle art studios shop | facebook | twitter | the darrin davis band


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  1. I've taken up knitting again ... after more than 25 years (now I feel old, ha)!

  2. While my silk neckties are getting ready (while color are wet) I have time to try out this giveaway! :)

  3. I"m making kawaii snowman ornaments.

    kiddomsg at gmail dot com

  4. Congratulations on the new opening~! And thanks for this chance in your brother's giveaway~~

  5. I'm always messing around with clay, making miniature food~ =)

  6. making a quilt from my sons old baby clothes

  7. I'm making some scrapbooks!

  8. I'm making Xmas wreaths out of old books :)

  9. i'm being creative by cooking and baking these days!

  10. I have just discovered acrylic painting- always thought I could never paint but am enjoying the challenge.

  11. redoing the art work in my bathroom

  12. I'm making mittens for winter!

  13. I've been working on fun jewelry inspired by disney movies. :)

  14. I've been taking lots of photos and experimenting with different cameras lately.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  15. I've changed some second-hand clothes:)


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