Friday, March 9, 2012

confessions: i'm a terrible, TERRIBLE baker

my actual electric mixer smoking! 
{image may have been doctored for effect!}

it's true.
i might very well be the official world's worst baker.

you see, to know me, is to know that i'm a terrible terrible baker.{i like to call myself an *optimistic* baker: don't have an ingredient needed in the recipe? no worries: just substitute! )

no baking soda? how about more baking powder instead?! 
can't find the measuring spoons? how about i'll just estimate with the palm of my hand! 

the recipe SAYS it'll take 20 minutes but 10 will probably work, right?

apparently the science of baking doesn't LOVE creative substitutions as much as i do! hence,famously horrible cakes, hard-as-nails cookies, and pies you can use as doorstops!)

but does this stop me from baking?
of course not.

this week marks a baking high.
during the making of the official 2012 mr. rikrak birthday cake (a scrumptious vanilla cheesecake with chocolate lace accents) the electric beaters actually died.

here's the scene:

i combined the ingredients.
i began mixing.
the mixer smoked.
then it sparked.
then it died.

baking fireworks.

needless to say that when even the appliances call it quits, best i take a baking break.

RIP mixer.
so i'll leave all the great baking to you nicies!
until i feel like experimenting again... look out kitchen!
have a great weekend, cuties!

confess - are you a good baker? yay or nay?
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  1. I am a good baker unless my mom and sister are in the room, in which case, I bake like a toddler--with tantrums. My mom's mixer, which I swear is from 1970, smelled like it was smoking once, and I said "This isn't going to work." At which point, my mother and sister start telling me how I'm not holding it properly, talking at the same time. I may have stomped my feet as I stormed out of the room and told them to do it themselves. ::blushes::

  2. ah... a kindred spirit, anne-mare! :) cheers to that :)

  3. heh heh, that is why I hate baking.
    I'm the don't follow a recipe and create as you go cook, which for the most part is ok. I have also burned pots to the point that they have to be thrown away.......sigh.

  4. :) cheers to us, linda!

    you're welcome to come back with me ANYTIME!

  5. Congratulations, I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.
    I love your personal stories of triumphant and of woe. Go to my blog post and claim your banner and pass the award to 15 of your favorite bloggers:

  6. I'm usually pretty good, but yesterday I forgot to put eggs in my cupcake batter!
    Sorry about missing the giveaway :(

  7. oh alex! i bet they were still fabulous! i think if a recipe is only lacking 1 ingredient that's fabulous! :)

    cheers nicies. i feel your love :)


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