Thursday, March 22, 2012

the handmade olympics {event 6}



update! april 17th, 2012
thanks so much to everyone who has entered!
what an amazing & talented bunch you are!

nominations are now CLOSED. 
and YAY you can go VOTE on the judges' SHORTLISTS here! 

VOTING ENDS friday, april 27th @ 11:59 pm EST!

thanks again,


please see the MAIN handmade olympics post for all of the fun-filled details & rules on the events!

now.. welcome to event 6: please leave comments here nominating:
your favourite handmade or vintage item that's FUN! 
one you love by another maker & one you've made yourself!
for this event
think fun.
think interesting + happy + delightful!
think vintage or handmade that is just gosh-darn-plain fun!
one you love by another maker & one you've made yourself!



thanks so much to our fabulous judges for this event, the wonderful Morgan Evans & Christine Domanic of Etsy. As Etsy's Community Strategist, Morgan is happiest when bringing people together. she draws comics, rides a bike and surrounds herself with people who inspire her. 

as a Merchandising Specialist at Etsy, Christine likes to spend her time crafting, hiking in the woods, making people eat raw food, and she sells her lovely jewelry at christinedomanic.


remember, you can nominate yourself + another in EACH event! PLUS get bonus ballots for twittering, blogging, facebooking & more about the #handmadeolympics! yay!


the amazing PRIZES
the handmade olympics prize packs are just gosh-darn fantastical!
 this EVENT will award the following prizes!

prize pack includes $150 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to enve designs
 a $50 gift certificate to the languid lion
a $50 gift certificate to whimsicals jewelry

+ an *i WON GOLD*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 

+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

prize pack includes $60 worth of handmade goodness:
2 months of advertising {may & june} on the rikrak studio blog : value $60

+ an *i WON SILVER*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 


prize pack includes one FREE month of may 2012 advertising on the rikrak studio blog!

+ an *i WON bronze*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 

PLUS, there will be ONE overall random nomination selected from all handmade olympics entries ( & extra ballots!) to WIN the FAN PRIZE PACK (a $50.00 shopping spree in the rikrak shop!)


now check out the other events 
+ nominate more fun folks!


happy handmaking, nicies!
** PLEASE NOTE: please make each nomination its own comment! thanks! **


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  1. I would like to nominate
    item: Ghost Horse Diorama Brooch
    by: (not me)
    why: it's wonderfully whimsical

  2. I would like to nominate
    item: Oh nuts - Chipmunk linocut
    by: minouette (me)
    why: this handcarved and printed portrait of an adorable chipmunk doing the facepalm and saying 'oh, nuts' makes me smile

  3. and the nominee is...

    :: the name of the item - large wool juju hat

    :: who made it - rosa pearson from 'flutter flutter studio'

    :: why you're nominating it for this specific event - what's more fun than saying "juju hat" 3 times fast? honestly though these pops of color add instant playfulness and elegance.

    :: and a LINK to an image of the item/blog/shop/etc. -

  4. I nominate SquidHead's funny Foxtopus -

    Great combination and design!!

    avideater2202 at gmail dot com

  5. i nominate nan lawson's illustration, "i'm not a hipster, i just dress like one"

    it's cute and quirky and fun and i like that she doesn't take herself too seriously.

  6. :: Cheshire Cat Pendant
    :: Cloud Number Nine (me)
    :: I'd love this and I wanna nominate it because I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you can feel it just whatching it!

  7. :: Purple Paisley Pic Nic dress
    :: Monica M. Boutique
    :: I've meet the designer few days ago, she's so brilliant and her design is amazing, I think her dresses can turn your day upside down. They're so colorful, full of energy.. they make me smile!

  8. Now I'm following your blog (by google friend connect)

  9. my favourite handmade item that is fun:

    ~ Cuckoo Clocks by A Little Birdie Told Me

    I have one of these and just think they are so cute ~ a piece of art that is also a functioning clock!

  10. my favourite handmade item that is fun...

    ~ Cuckoo Clocks by A Little Birdie Told Me

    I think these are just so cute & pretty ~ a piece of artwork that is also a functioning clock ~ what isn't fun about that? lol. I have one and it is gorgeous :-)

  11. And my handmade 'fun' piece:

    ~ Telescope Necklace by Megsy-Jane

    This piece is really fun ~ the telescope makes such a cute & quaint piece in itself ~ and it really works :-)

  12. This is my piece & nomination :-)

    ~ Name: Telescope Necklace
    ~ URL:
    ~ Why: This piece is so quaint & cute in itself ~ but the fact that the telescope pendant *really works* makes it *really* fun :-) The telescope collapses & expands & if you look through it, it is just like using a real telescope :-)

    thanks xx

  13. I'd like to nominate the fabulously awesome Color-it-Yourself screenprinted poster from Summersville on Etsy. Color it yourself = fun, fun, fun!

  14. I'd like to nominate the art print BE KIND, BELIEVE, BELIEVE from the Languid Lion on Etsy.

    Simply inspiring xx

  15. I nominate the Mix Tape Clutch Purse - Awesomely 80's.

    It is by me (Jennifer Ladd).

    The 80's are making a comeback, and I can see why! Fun, bright, easy, carefree ... it's how I remember my childhood in the 80's. This purse brings me back to that time!

  16. I also nominate the Orange Julius Vintage Enamel Ring.

    It is by Cookoorikoo on Etsy.

    Bright orange + polka dots = super cute summer fun!

  17. What's more fun than having your own, customized little village?

    I'm nominating thelittlereddoor with her awesome miniature house village made to order with your name as seen here:

    colourful, collectible & fun additions to any display

  18. I'm nominating JDWolfePottery clouds plates, because I think they're just whimsical and fun!

  19. I nominate TIMOHANDMADES Family dolls

    All of her work is so clever!

    Thanks for hosting,

  20. I nominate Pearson Maron's Hippo Factory :)

  21. I am nominating this delightful, whimsical, quirky and fun item from the shop of Maryjudy

    the funky shapes and colors in her work always gives me a giggle. so creative and unique.

  22. hi, I am nominating this fun pitcher from Maryjudy shop.
    her creative shapes and coloring are so funky and quirky and always give me a giggle....

    Whimsicals jewelry

  23. I would also like to nominate this e-reader carrier, of my own creation. its silly, fun and bright and practical.....

    Whimsicals jewelry

  24. I would like to nominate my illustation (which can be used in many ways, invite, print, save-the-date magnet..) for the Bride & Groom with a sense of humor..'tying the knot'

    I had this design in my head screaming to get out and I'm really happy with the result...also I thought while they were tying the knot it would be fun/quirky to do it in a 'tug-of-war' style to mirror a marriage but the rope also symbolizes we are tied together for better and for worse.

    The Bride & Groom bring the Artwork to life with thier fingerprints. The Bride & Groom can be customized too.

    The Concept Behind FingerTips

    From an early age I have always enjoyed Art and my relationship with Art has always been a healthy one. I realised early on in my life, while trying to cope with my dyslexia, that Art was a language in its' own right and a way I could be heard while trying to figure out the baffling English language!

    A creative mind is not a linear one. Therefore, to stop me from digressing, if you would like to read more about our relationship with Art, please read my Article - 'I can't draw'

    Let’s go back to basics....with our I have not gone mad you can really create refined Art with your fingerprint. In fact it is what our company FingerTips concept is based on!

    I have created many designs and products where the recipient’s fingerprint brings the Artwork to life.

    FingerTips is a tool for people to reconnect, in a positive way, with Art and have fun in the process. Once you have seen the amazing Art you can create with your fingerprint in a simple but effective way hopefully you will have gained some faith and confidence in your ability too create!

    FingerTips Designs are suitable for all ages and abilities.

  25. Nominating in the 'fun' category:

    Myself: for making this cute, quirky AND educational(!) set of happy planets! Making these always makes me smile and I hope they make you smile too :D

  26. If its not too late I would like to nominate

    Magic Potion Kit by Camilla Westergaard of ButterscotchBeesting

    Why: All the work Camilla creates is fun filled and fantastically designed but I think this edible magic potion kit is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face

  27. I have to nominate these 'kitty hats' from scooterknits Being a cat Mom they are just so adorable and fun. Well designed too as they tie on so kitty cannot escape from the embarrassment of it all. I have them in my favorites just so I can look at the kitties from time to time when I need a chuckle.

  28. I would like to nominate this flower bib necklace from Anne Woodman on Etsy. Talk about FUN! And perfect for summer...

  29. I would like to nominate myself and my super cute and quirky vintage perfume bottle necklace. This necklace is unique and fun!

  30. I would like to nominate Fingertips for their great design Baby Chicks which using babies fingertips from newborn to 1 year. Fingertips art is a great way to make excellent memories and keepsakes. You can view it here:

  31. I think i will nominate my latest carving..a wonderful velvet eared beagle who is sitting atop a vintage piece of wood salvaged from an old farmhouse that still has the marks from being felled with an axe.

  32. I'd like to nominate these Felted Sushi Pieces!

    They are a super fun, hand felted set of 6 sushi pieces packed in a sushi container with some green felt grass & chopsticks!

  33. I'd like to nominate Chetart's awesome Pet Wrestlers Digital Prints.

    This one is of a wiener dog that dress as a Mexican Wrestler ready for some Lucha Libre! So much fun!

  34. I nominate these Oh Happy Day pencils by Earmark -

    All of their products are "Fun!"

    1. Thank you for the nomination Sally!!! We are SO APPRECIATIVE. If you plan on ordering from us in the future we would love to offer you 15% off, just use the code NEWFRIEND15. Thank you again Sally! We hope you have a beautiful day! our best, Bridgette + Mike (aka Earmark)


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!