Friday, June 3, 2011

my favourite things: the lilac

:: lilacs :: 

nobody does it better... the gentle gradation of purpley colour in that springtime masterpiece:  the lilac bush.

part of my lilacy fan club?
love the springtime joy of the lilac?
so lucky to have them everywhere this week.
we spent the day glimpsing them all across the green green moraine.
happy weekend, sweeties.

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  1. I just saw lilac blossoms on another blog I follow so it must be something that blooms right now I presume? It is not seen in my part of the world and is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. awesome pics!!!!! I love lilac too!!!!

  3. What gorgeous photography! You've "picked" some lovely blooms here!

  4. The lilac blooms in my yard are just going by, so this is a lovely extension of the season! Thanks for including my image in this lovely bouquet. :)

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for including my lilacs with all these other lovely photographs.

  6. Such a lovely "bunch" of lilacs! Thanks for including my pic in with them!

  7. I also love lilacs, don't you wish you could add the scent to your blog.
    Thank so much for including some of my lilac photos on you lovey blog,
    Judy Stalus

  8. What a delicious collection of Lilacs !!
    Thank you ;)

  9. Beautiful photos! Mine are just beginning to bloom.

  10. so lovely, thank you for sharing! There are still some in blossom here in Ottawa, and I was treated to a burst of fragrance as I biked past a bush this morning. Love them! They were my grandma's favourite flower, and she had them in her wedding day bouquet. I always think of her when I see these delicate, beautiful flowers. Thanks!

  11. Definately one of my favourite flowers!
    I love your selection of pictures!!


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