Wednesday, July 29, 2009

handmaking with kids: fun interactive websites with the kids

supercute kids kawaii keyboard stickers via nothingelegant's shop

need something fun & a wee bit educational for the kids to do inside as it rains rains rains, (at least in this part of the world!) this summer?

me too! :)

here's a roundup of fun, kid-focused, free websites you both might like to visit!
  • {note: also has a great parents' site to help parents search for specific Ontario Elementary cirriculum applications to work on thru their educational games: see the guide here!}
  • cybermuse, the national gallery of canada's educational site, has a variety of fun activities for kids here, but even more fun (in my mind) is visiting the cybergalleries together to explore the fabulous collection at the gallery!
  • looking for more fun art sites? the National Gallery in Washington's kids' site is full of great interactive art activites as well.

as with any websites, of course i strongly suggest visiting them with the kids!

have a few kids faves you'd like to add? please let us know here in the comments! i'll try to feature as many as i can in a follow up post! thanks!

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  1. here is another suggestion:
    though not nearly as educational or cultural as your suggestions, it might have simpler shorter video clips for toddlers.
    (i had been against letting 18-month-old lou watch tv. but i've recently found she is delighted to watch a few minutes of babytv. i'm still torn but it's better than dora!)

  2. We love tvokids as well! Great list here, RR!

    My boys also really enjoy It's sort of like tvokids.

    They have a lot of fun games and lots of educational links, too!

  3. I like your suggestions Rikrak! We'll check them out aftr this afternoon's nap!! Thanks. BOO to all of this RAIN!

  4. My five year old is a computer whiz! He has his own folder and knows how to move through the websites on his own.

    He plays on,

    Occasionally, he'll play with his webkinz but he prefers websites where there is little to no reading so he doesn't have to ask for my help. He's an independent little guy.

  5. Thanks for adding these sites! I'll have to check them out!

  6. Another fantastic site for young kids is ZiggityZoom. Tons of free printables that are both Fun & Educational.

  7. Here's a fun interactive website for kids with links and a Learning Corner of questions and activities. Check out MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids. There are over 50 kid-hosted short video pod casts that children will enjoy

  8. Oh my gosh, those kawaii keyboard stickers are soooo darn... well, so darn "kawai"!!! Great idea for a post, rr — you clever chiquita :)


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