Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fill-in-the-blanks with brilliant blogger: melissa blake

it's a fun new series on the blog, nicies! a fill-in-the-blank interview with some of our favourite super-bloggers from around the blogosphere that inspire each of us everyday with their writings! we all know that brilliant bloggers spend so much of their precious time crafting the perfect posts. so  i thought we'd give our fave wordsmiths a little break: i sent each nicey a page full of fill-in-the-blanks questions { my words in blue } ...  & they filled them in with their insights { their words in grey/gray! } . hope you'll enjoy fill-in-the-blanks with today's brilliant blogger: the inspiring melissa blake of *so about what i said*

Hello, friends!

I'm Melissa. I am a writer, columnist and blogger.

I blog about my physical disability, art, style, shopping and photography over here: So about what I said 

{You might be surprised to hear that I can be shy at times.}

Beyond blogging, my  perfect day would be a sunny day, with my family, eating, talking, about Frasier, listening to Taylor Swift, playing Yahtzee.

I'm short (really short!) with natural red hair + green eyes.

Here's my favourite photo of myself.

I love this photo because I'm smiling, which I love to do.

I just finished a newspaper column and just started an article for ShelterPop. I'm in the middle of always working on my blog.

I love making cookies with my mom & writing lyrics.

My favorite shows make me smile & my cats make me happy and calm.

A word I love to use is apparently.

I LOVE blogging!

The community and the fun of it amaze me!

I began blogging to tell my story and now I blog to share the gems I love

It amazes about blogging that so many lovely people read what I write!
My 3 tips to a great blog would be: 
being friendly
& being honest

Gosh! It's challenging blogging when there's too much to post and not enough time.

But fear not, I just try to go at my own pace.

One of my favorite blog post series I've ever written are these ones on my future husband .

like how the story is evolving.

I  always love reading other blogs.

I love the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog because it's very well-rounded.

and I love The Musings of a Wannabe Star  blog because it's real and honest.

and of course A Diary of Lovely  blog is amazing because it's beautiful.

One thing I wish I had learned sooner in bloggyville is that it takes awhile to build an audience.

and don't worry: if not everyone likes you then they don't matter anyway.

My favourite part of blogging is the community.

However, I could do without the mean girl mentality.

Something awesome happening on my blog these days is my branching out on the topics I cover. Check it out here.

melissa blake


thanks so much, melissa,  for your inspiring words!
i'm a great fan of melissa's wonderful openness, articulate writing, and motivating ideas, so it's a real pleasure to have you here today, nicey.
be sure to visit her around the web... she's such an amazing wonderwoman!
& please leave her a hello here, too!

happy blogging, nicies!

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  1. Yay!! For fill in the blanks!!
    {I love this new feature!!}
    I adore Melissa! She is such a sweetheart and I enjoy talking to her and reading her delightful blog!
    Have a beautiful day,

  2. Love the feature "Letters to my Future Husband!" What a good idea!!!

    Off to check out more. Thank you, RR.

  3. isn't she fabulous?
    count us all in for the melissa blake fan club! :)

  4. THANK YOU, Kristal!! I am honored to be a part of this wonderful series - and your awesome blog!

  5. What a wonderful post! (And such a great idea to do fill-in-blanks.:) Thanks for sharing more with us today! I love that you're branching out and evolving too :)

  6. Love this Melissa! How awesome that you're joining this series too! XX

  7. I've found your blog through Melissa's and I think it's fantastic! Love the fill in the blanks!...and Melissa's blog, too!

  8. She has a beautiful blog and I love to see her photos and articles !
    She has a very inspiring and positive style . It's really lovely !

  9. melissa, this was a great interview, i didn't know about your psych today cool!

  10. Thanks so much for introducing me to Melissa - what a fantastic point of view she has!

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thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
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