Monday, August 2, 2010

a dream day off

lila photograph by buckscountyframes

happy august, nicies.

it's a holiday monday here in most of canada today.
a day off, of sorts.

so i wonder... what would you do, if you really had a summer day off to do anything you'd like?
if money was no object?

lay in the tall summer grasses?
picnic at the beach?
go on a shopping spree?
sleep in all day?
take a road trip with your girl friends?

i'd love to hear your dream day off.
happy holiday, legislated or day-dreamed, sweetpeas! 


rule of thirds photograph by irene suchoki

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  1. hmmm....that's a tough one! There are so many things I'd love to do...can I have a week?

    I think given one day I would go to as many antique stores or thrift stores as I could hit in a day...and it would be in another town that I haven't been to before...and my mommy would join me!

    And I might wear a hat...because I never do.

  2. I love this photography!
    These days off are a tough one when everything is closed! But in a dream I would love to have a whole day to just bike everywhere without any traffic (:

  3. This is a real hard one if money were no object...I think I'd still go to the sea side plodge in the sea and have ice cream and candy floss. (it would be deserted too, lovely peace and quiet) *sigh*

  4. oh i *love* all of your day-dream days, lovelies!

    i'm blissfully relaxed just thinking of them!

  5. Well I think mine would start out with some shopping followed by a nice relaxing picnic at the beach:)

  6. All I ever want to do on a day off is work on jewelry!
    It feels so good to do.. and makes me wonder if I would actually like to make a living off jewelry after all.
    I tell myself I wouldn't so I can feel better.

  7. I am longing to this (very seriously):
    Go the a sandy ocean beach (withouth too many ppl) with my book and camera and read and take photos.
    Later to go into a little fish restaurant with my boyfriend and eat fresh fish on the balcony of the restaurant, on a wooden bench. (and maybe to celebrate our 1st anniversary :-)) Later on my bike, go back to town, meet my friends (girls) and drink wine with them and chat for hours.

  8. At the beach!

    With my {fake} boyfriend. With girlfriends joining us for a swim.

    Nothing better then that!!!!!

  9. If money was not an option - go to every antique shop and buy all the things I wanted - Oh pure joy!

  10. it's so fun to see how many lovelies would head to the beach! see you there! :)

    and so fun, kara mae! i love your passion for your art!

    oh itchin - great thinking! what would you buy?

  11. i would want to go on a wine picnic with my husband! we started wine picnics when we were dating and both in school with no money. we could grab a bottle of wine and throw some yummies together, head of too the park on the lake and have some of the best dates i have ever had!

    we don't get to go very often now since he is still in school and my business takes up a lot of time. that and right now i am pregnant and drinking wine is on hold for a bit (just 3 more months!)


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!