Friday, August 6, 2010


this is just brilliant.
on so very many levels.

isn't it wonderful when creative thinking, eco-forward thought &  ingenuity collide?

yay to fabulous problem-solving!

have a most creative weekend, lovelies!

{via @good
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  1. I love this! We love to think of new ways to work with our small spaces...there are some great ideas in this video. And I love Hong Kong! :)


  2. Love Murphy Bed thinking, but this takes it to a whole new level!!

    Have a great weekend, RR.

  3. That really is just brilliant!
    I love the sliding walls and the full length windows make such a difference...great find!

  4. Thanks for sharing :) This is awesome !!

  5. great video! shows how much you can really do with little space.

  6. oh my gosh! that was crazy i will have to show my husband! it's amazing how someone could create something so unique that allows all the comforts of a living space much larger. how did you find that video? very cool!



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