Monday, February 6, 2012

artists 101: alex steinweiss

supercool album art by alex steinweiss

ever judge an album by its cover?
me too! 
love meeting artists? 
me too!

 artists 101 is just for you, cuties!
today we're talking alex steinweiss!

graphic designer alex steinweiss is credited with inventing the album cover in 1938!

that's cool!

before alex's amazing art, lp records came packaged in plain brown paper sleeves.
now that's a fabulous designerly invention!

above are just a few of his fabulous album covers from over such an illustrious career!
which one's YOUR fave?
what's YOUR fave album cover lately? 
 (i'll be sharing mine wednesday!)
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  1. COOL! Can you imagine "INVENTING" something like the album cover?!?!


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