Tuesday, October 16, 2012

call for submissions!

letterpress Holiday card by prickle press


wanted: a few wonderful folks who'd like to give something fun away from their beautiful handmade or vintage or supplies shop!

i'm gonna be hosting a BIG BIG GROUP HOLIDAYS giveaway on my blog next month - something like last year's fabulous MEGA happy Holidays annual giveaway and very much like that superfun my birthday MEGA giveaway
if that sounds like something you'd like to be part of, please email me at 
rikrakmail  at  yahoo dot com  
with a link to your lovely shop! :)
---> please put the title " 2012 holiday GROUP giveaway"  in the title of your message.

i'm looking for HANDMADE, vintage or supply items:

* valued at over $20

* that fit into
one of the following colour categories: gray/grey, silver and/or white OR a gift certificate for your shop that is in those colours :)
* YOUR agreement that you will send the item directly to the winner at the completion of the giveaway, so don't worry about shipping times right now.

PLEASE NOTE: i'm not looking for holiday-specific items necessarily. i'll send you more info on exactly what i'd like when folks respond. 

thanks for considering it!
hope it'll bring the participants LOTS of fun holiday-shopping traffic!
yay giveaways!
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  1. hurray for giveaways! sounds like a super fun idea... i emailed you a link to my etsy shop :)


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