Saturday, June 9, 2012

ROUND B: the 2012 handmade world cup

well hot-diggity-dog!

you nicies sure to love to cheer on your fabulous handmaking nations!

welcome to ... round B!
lotsa votes have already been cast in the 2012 handmade world cup ...  some big winners and some big defeats (my canada made it thru this year! woohoo! )

the winning (top-vote-earning) team from each ROUND A match has moved forward.

our new ROUND B matchups are: 

match 1
australia vs. japan

australia :: pamelatang + lukaluka + Epheriell

japan :: tokyocraftstudios  +  vivatveritas7  + hajimedesign


match 2
england vs. israel

england ::  makemeadress + artquirk + restlessthings 

 israel :: BINSTER + SimoneCeramicsnaftul


match 3

latvia vs.  france

latvia ::  binkaminka + filigree creations + QooQooFashion

 france :: ikabags + AgJc + okapiknits

match 4
canada vs. denmark

 canada :: bstudio + falconwright + LuttrellStudio

 denmark :: StillWithYou  + Nojn  + housethatlarsbuilt


match 5
greece vs. the netherlands

 greece :: lilarubyking + karmologyclinic + milloo

 the netherlands :: madebynanna + lauraamiss + nellianna 


match 6

scotland vs. spain

 scotland :: vanessa bullick + hannahlongmuir + emmalamb

 spain :: dandelionjewelry + nylonsky + cloudcuckooclothing


match 7
italy vs. usa

 italy :: juliacalimera  + nivule + arosha

usa :: xMOTHERx  + iluxo +  strawberryluna

match 8
sweden vs. portugal

 sweden :: latenightdrawing + JessiesStudio + cristinapires

portugal :: PetiteCo + vaporqualquer + ligiarocha


now you get to vote all over again!

NOTE: you do NOT need to have voted for the winning team to win. it will be a random draw of all entries!


round A :: 32 teams :: voting june 4-8
round B :: 16 teams :: voting june 9-13
round C :: 8 teams :: voting june 14-18
round D :: 4 teams :: voting june 19-23
round E :: 2 teams :: voting june 24-28
FINAL WINNING TEAM & lucky entry winner 
announced june 29th!


each round of voting counts towards the final drawing of who will WIN the grand prize (a $30 shopping spree in the shop of your choice! same rules as before:
there will be 5 rounds of voting.

NOTE: you do NOT need to have voted for the winning team to win. it will be a random draw of all entries!

:: ROUNDS ::
* the country that receives the most votes each round will proceed to the next round! so be sure to VOTE each round to increases your chances!

the PRIZE is a $30 shopping spree in the Etsy shop of your choice, FROM the winning country! so for example: if Italy wins the 2012 handmade world cup voting, then the winning entry will spend their $30 prize in ANY Italy-based Etsy shop! :) 
(donated by me, rikrak! :)

woohoo!! each ROUND will be open for voting for approx. 4-5 days. so be sure to get your votes in.

the total number of entries will be the cumulative ballots from round 1+ round 2 + round 3 + round 4 + round 5!

:: PLEASE VOTE via the rafflecopter BOX below ::

you can earn a ballot for EACH match you VOTE on!

---> this ROUND of matches CLOSES june 13th @ 11pm EST

1. vote.
you can vote ONCE for each match. (i.e. this ROUND you can vote up to 8 times, once for each match!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

you can also tweet, do a facebook update, blog about the giveaway, pin it, etc. (please log in to rafflecopter with your email or facebook account to all the ways to enter!) 

one way to enter is also to grab one of my rikrak studio buttons,
like this one for YOUR BLOG!

the rikrak studio

the rikrak studio

and add it to your blog!
{ ... just copy & paste the text in the box above  onto your blog sidebar! thanks! }

on june 14th,  the winners of each match from ROUND B will be posted, when the NEW round of matches/voting begins!
so come back then to earn more entries, too!
yay and happy friendly competition, nicies!
yay handmaking around the world!

thanks to everyone who voted in ROUND A. unfortunately, the following teams DID NOT advance: austria, belgium, brazil, india, ireland, germany,  malaysia, mexico,  new zealand, russia, singapore, south africa, south korea, switzerland, thailand, turkey.

yay and happy friendly competition, nicies!
yay handmaking around the world!


a) it is possible to have numerous entries total per person.
b) please make sure to leave each entry as its own comment. thanks!
c) as always, this giveaway is open to all contestants, worldwide.
e) the winner of this giveaway will be chosen from on
june 28th 2011 @ 11:01pm EST.
f) please be sure to leave me an email where i can reach you if your account 
doesn't link to one. thanks.
g) the winning random ballot will be chosen from all rounds of voting added together. 
h) thanks so much everyone! and thanks for visiting the blog!


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  1. hello :)

    voted again all the events and tweeted :)

  2. Hey...I voted all matches...and I really enjoyed many stunning times it was tricky to choose...but I'm loving it...thanks a lot! Wa

  3. Hello...I also was great...tricky at times to many stunning items...I'm loving it...Thanks a lot!! Wa

  4. Match 7 - Italy, of course ;)

  5. Thanks for including my brooch to represent Canada in Round B!

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  9. Thanks for including my necklaces! :)

  10. match 1: Japan

    match 2: England

    match 3: Latvia

    match 4: Canada

    match 5: Greece

    match 6: Scotland

    match 7: Italy

    match 8: Portugal

  11. I'm representing Scotland! Hurrah! My votes are:
    Match 1. Australia

  12. Match 2. England
    Match 3. Latvia
    Match 4. Canada
    Match 5. Greece
    Match 6. Scotland (if you don't bet on yourself..)
    Match 7. Italy
    Match 8. Sweden

  13. thanks so much for your votings, nicies!


    thanks so much
    k. @ rikrak

  14. I'm voting for match 4!!! Go Canada!!! ;o)

  15. So confused - I thought that by using Raflecopter I was entering?? Do I have to repeat all my choices here too??? If so, please can I just say I hope Canada wins teh whole thing - go Canada!!

    1. hi amys! no- you're correct. voting via rafflecopter is correct. folks who have a hard time with it can, however, use the comments to vote instead. thanks!

  16. Hello!
    Match B: my votes

    Match 1: Australia

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thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!