Tuesday, March 6, 2012

kite boarding / snow kiting = wow!



let's do this, nicies!

have you ever kiteboarded | snowkited?

not me. not yet. 
can you imagine the liberating/terrifyingly fantastical flying of it all?

winter wanes (a.k.a. *YAY spring!*)
but it's one last hurrah for cool wintry things. (next week:  maple syrup comes to town!)

would you ever try this?
{& aren't the kites magical?!}


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  1. My boyfriend does kite surfing but he hasn't tried it in snow yet. It's a great feeling, but I'm a little bit afraid of trying. I like to keep my feet on the ground. ;-)

  2. how fun, anzouya! good idea about your feet on the ground, nicey!

    {but a riskier-taking me would LOVE to try it!}

  3. Beautiful! I watch them kite surf on the beach at the Sandbanks in Prince Edward County. They go flying in the waves - I also prefer to be a good audience!

  4. that's superfun lisa! (and sandbanks is my fave!)

    you're wise to be a great cheer-er instead! :)


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